Powerful Connectivity for Commercial Use

We provide comprehensive solutions to deliver WiFi to your entire coverage area.

Get Connected and Stay Connected

Connectivity is a keystone to your business. From basic communications to detailed data about your business, you need to be connected.

Powertec provides a comprehensive solution, no matter how big or small your coverage area. We can assist with your basic Wi-Fi solution providing full coverage OR take it further by assisting you to monitor your business from one site, regardless of whether you have one or more sites to manage.

Powerful WiFi for Commercial Use

We service clients all over Australia via our expert Wi-Fi specialist channel, planning and installing new systems or updating old ones.

At Powertec we focus solely on commercial wireless and mobile communications. With over 20 years in the business, we have been at the forefront of the wireless communication industry and use our knowledge to support your business.

While you don't need to know the finer details, if you want more technical information you can feel comfortable in the following statistics:

  • Access the worlds #1 Outdoor Wi-Fi Technology
  • Super Capacity: 1750 MBPS maximum AP capacity, carrier grade with the largest concurrent users quantity
  • Super Coverage: Up to 10x larger coverage area, 14dB higher antenna diversity
  • Super Throughput: 5x higher median throughput, 2x higher system optimised throughput

Top 4 Reason Why Our Clients Choose Us

Competitive Pricing

The products we use are the best on the market. The quality is so high that the products we choose can provide you with 5 - 10x better results than utilising other products - it's why we use them. Less products are needed resulting in a reduced cost of the final solution.

Experienced In Commercial Comms

With years of experience backed by solid and reliable products, Powertec has the skills to plan, install and manage your commercial wireless network in spite of the harsh nature of the Australian environment.

Tailored Service

The coverage supplied will be specific to your property, your requirements and your price point. You can even get started with the basics and grow the solution when you're ready.

Cut the Fluff

We speak your language and can work with you to realise your business aims, at the same time ensuring you have the most up to date, robust and advanced operating system that you need. It will support you today and into the future.

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